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Letters from our Customers

      Many, many thanks to all our customers who send notes and pictures to us! It's such a blessing and encouragement to hear from each of you - it makes us happy to know you are enjoying your King's Daughters clothing! Here is a small sampling of the letters we receive.

To everyone at King's Daughters,
      I recieved my dresses and blouses today and I am so excited and pleased! The workmanship is excellent and the fabrics are even nicer than I expected they would be - they are gorgeous. They fit perfectly and just 'feel' beautiful! I was surprised, also, to get them so promptly. Thank you so much for making everything about ordering from you a great experience, and congratulations on having an absolutely top-rate business. Your professionalism is obvious, yet I also get a feeling that you put a lot of personal care into what you do. Your service is so necessary and rare (beautiful, affordable, modest clothing) and it is very much appreciated.
Thank you again, and God Bless,

- Michigan

I just wanted to thank you all for the great work you do on your dresses. Me and my daughter love them. I pray that the Lord will provide you all to continue to make dresses for a very long time. I don't know how to sew. I really love the work you do on the dresses. I also love that you make mine custom to fit just right. I have attached a couple of pictures of me and my daughter in matching dresses you made us. You may post this to your website if you wish.

Thanks again

      I just got my dress, and couldn't wait to tell you how perfect it is! I have about 6 cape dresses that have been made for me over the years and none of them fit as well or are as comfortable as this one.
Thank you so much!

- Massachusetts

Dear The King's Daughters,
      I received the Ladies Meadow Dress and petticoat that I had ordered today. Oh my. I wanted to write to tell you that they are both just beautiful! I'm so pleased with my fabric choice. The style of dress is so pretty and comfortable! I tried it on right away and didn't want to take it off. The petticoat is so pretty with the generous eyelet lace trim on the bottom. Your workmanship is unsurpassed. The seams are finished off so nicely, and everything is put together so very neatly and meets perfectly. I bought a dress from you this past winter, and I just love it. I have received many compliments on it. I decided that I would like to have a summer dress, so I ordered this latest one. I am so very happy with it. Thank You so much for offering these beautiful clothes and for sewing them so expertly. I am enjoying the things that I have gotten so much, and I know I will be back for more. I am so happy that I found you. I would never be able to find any dresses like these in any store. Now I don't even have to look!
Very Sincerely Yours,

- Pennsylvania

Dear sisters,
      My order arrived in the mail yesterday. I am thrilled! The dresses are the most beautifully made I have ever worn. They fit perfectly. The capes are perfectly wide and the dresses feel so feminine and modest. One of my sisters immediately knew that you had made the dresses--she insists that your company always produces beautiful and high quality garments. I love the vests and the veils will be wonderful in this hot weather we have ahead. I praise the Lord for your service in His Name! Thank you very much!
With love in Christ,

- California

Dear Daina,
      Thank you for the beautiful sewing job you all did on my customized vest order. I am so happy with them. They make my older dresses like new. I really appreciate you, your kindness over the phone and flexibility. You and your sister have been such a blessing to me over the years since I started dressing modestly. Your character really stands out and was a light to me. I hope you never grow weary of sewing.
God Bless You.

- Georgia

      Just a little note to tell you that I received the package today. I wanted to thank you and your team very much, as the dresses are really lovely. May the Lord bless all of you! I like the design, the quality and the fabric of the dresses, so thank you so much.

- United Kingdom

Dear King's Daughters,
      I thought you might like to see a photo of my daughter in her new outfit! It arrived well in time for her birthday, and she was absolutely delighted with everything. Her outfit fits her beautifully and there is plenty of room for her to grow--I hope it will fit her for several more years. Thanks so much for your prompt service and for the high quality of your workmanship.

- California

     Here are attached two pictures showing your finished product 'in use'. Zenny, faithful guide doggie, is only marginally behaving herself. In the shot of the yellow ensemble, she has been caught out, distracted by the dogs across the street!! In the shot of the blue outfit, she is angling for a tummy scratch; she won. Feel free to use these pics as you will; might encourage other plus size gals that modest attire is available, affordable and lovely, no matter your denomination or location around the world!!

Sarah from Australia.

     I received the two jumpers this morning and wanted to thank you for getting them to me so quickly! I couldn't wait to try them on! They are just lovely! The workmanship is outstanding. It is just wonderful to find such beautiful and well made clothing that is decent and modest! I feel like a true princess in them, which after all is what a King's daughter should feel like!!!

You can be certain I will be ordering again after the first of the year...most of my dresses and jumpers are over 10 years old! Back in the early 90's if was easier to find these types of clothes.

Again, thank you for the service and quality. Please feel free to quote me on your website or to anyone who is wondering about the quality of your sewing! I am very impressed.

- Indianna

     I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on our daughters dresses! :) They were so excited! The quality was just wonderful! :) They have received so many compliments & everyone wants to know who made them! We will continue to highly recommend you! :)

I am finally sending you a photo! :) This is the photo we are using in our Christmas cards.


     Thank you for the dresses you recently sent. They arrived in time for the wedding and are lovely as always! Your quality and attention to detail is truely wonderful. I have given up looking for anywhere else to find modest clothing, as the ones you make are so well made and lovely. Thank you for your service. My husband is also very happy with the dresses he sees me and our daughter wearing. I would like to order the following.......Thank you!

- Maryland

     I thought you might like to have a look at two very happy little girls (I'll have to get a photo of the baby in her dress too). Another girl at church has so fallen in love with Jaala's dress that her mother is ordering one for her - we're starting a trend of modesty!
Kind regards,
Rachael (who has become so inspired by your dresses that I have started sewing again)

- New Zealand

Dear Sisters,
     Thank you for my Ladies Garden Dress which arrived yesterday. The quality of the sewing is excellent, as was my first order. The fabric and style are beautiful. I could not be happier. You will certainly be hearing from me again.

- Canada

Dear King's Daughters:
     I am so grateful; finding your site on the internet was truly a blessing! At the time of my search, I had really begun to feel isolated in my quest for modest clothing and thought, particularly regarding the raising of girls/young ladies in this society. Additionally, the quality of your work is superior (the blouse is wonderful, the slip far better quality than anything I've purchased in stores), and your service efficient and friendly. Please continue to keep up the excellent work. You have found a loyal customer.

- Illinois

     We just opened the box and the dresses are lovely! You have quite a gift! It is starting to get hot here, now I need to work on getting summer items in a cooler fabrics. Thanks and God bless!

- West Virginia

Dear King's Daughters,
      I received my three blouses today. The craftmanship is excellent!! They also arrived faster than I expected! I will definately order again in the future. I have ordered your jumper pattern and I have been busy sewing for my four daughters and myself. It's hard to find modest blouses- your's are perfect. I hope you might offer a pattern for these blouses in the future.

- Florida

     I am so sorry it has taken me so long to let you know I absolutely love the dress! You would not believe how thankful I am for those dresses! :-) Well, I hope you enjoyed sewing the dresses as much as I will enjoy wearing them! And I LOVE tropical breeze! Thanks again!

- Pennsylvania

Dear Sisters in Christ,
     Thank you so much for providing me with such a beautiful nursing dress. The fabric is lovely, the fit is perfect, the price was reasonable, and the quality of sewing is excellent. I am very pleased!
Thank you for using your talents and abilities to encourage girls and women in modesty, inside and out. God bless you.

- Washington

     I just wanted you to know and other seekers who view your website that your coverings are wonderful. Both types. For years I have searched for coverings that I liked and could never find them until I received yours. I highly recommend you to any woman who is convicted to covering. Your work is wonderful, the time you do it in is amazing. It is such a blessing that you are doing this for women all over the country. May God bless you and prosper you in doing "His" work.

- Ohio

Thank you again for a beautiful job!!! My daughters and I love the dresses! My oldest daughter Rachel, could not wait to wear her pink jumper and blouse. And you did a wonderful job on the material we sent you. All the clothing fits perfectly! We will buy again from you in the near future.

- Wisconsin

I would just like to thank you for a wonderful job on the dresses I ordered. They are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. It is so hard to find modest clothing now for girls and women of any age. I will be placing another order very soon, just trying to pick out fabric colors. Again Thank you. Thank you .

~New York

Dear Ladies,
Thank you so much for the nicely made clothes. We appreciate you.


WOW. Your beautiful aprons arrived yesterday afternoon, and I am still grinning over them. The "neat and orderly" sewing you advertise on your website is truly an understatement! I have used various seamstresses and have carefully sewn garments myself, but never have I encountered work as lovely as yours. Even the way they were carefully pressed and packaged, buttoned up and with the ties in a lovely bow when I opened the box... what a delight! I will never be happy with commercial garments again! I don't remember feeling as delighted about clothes since I was a little girl in my holiday dresses. Thank you, thank you! It has been a real pleasure to be your customer.


I have never been so impressed with someone sewing for me as I am with The King's Daughters! I have this one more piece of fabric to sew into a jumper, and it's not even a question who will get to sew it!