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Sunflower Dishcloths

As I'm sure some of you know, the Sunflower Dishcloths have been discontinued by the company. However, we have tested some new dishcloths that look just like the old sunflowers, and have found that they are so close in feel and durability that we are making them availble for you to order also.

      These are the handy kitchen dishclothes we always use, and we are glad to be able to offer them now for others also! Made from 100% cotton they come in handy for everything from washing dishes to wiping messy faces! They are made with a double layer of fine knit that is soft, ravel proof, very absorbent, long lasting, and easily cleaned. Colors are assorted: blue, green, yellow & red. (our choice - generally even numbers of all colors) Best if washed once before you use them.

(type quantity below; for individual washcloths type quantity in first box; for 1/2 dozens type quantity of 1/2 dozens you would like in the second box, or for full dozens type how many full dozens you would like in the third box. Example: if you would like 2 dozen, in the third box type "2" or if you would like only 4 dishcloths, in the first box type "4". The more you order the more you save!)

Dishcloths @ $2.00/each

Sets of 1/2 dozen @ $11.00/half-dozen

Sets of 1 dozen @ $18.00/dozen