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Wild Rose Cloth Pads


What's so nice about cloth menstrual pads?

Cloth menstrual pads are a great alternative to disposable feminine products. Not only are they environmentally friendly by saving waste, they are so comfortable and come in fun fabrics and colors! Many women are finding cloth pads to be more comfortable than disposable ones, often finding that the rashes etc. that they suffer from the plastics and harsh chemicals used in disposable pads, are completely gone using cloth pads! Cloth pads are also very comfortable for postpartum or for urinary incontinence.

How many pads will I need?

Generally you would use about as many cloth pads as you would normally use in disposable pads. This number is usually about 2 - 6 per day, with most people using about 3-4 per day. It also depends on if you want to have enough pads for your whole cycle, or if you want to wash them during the middle of your cycle. If you want to wash once during the middle, you will only need about half the amount of pads you would normally use for your whole cycle.

How many sizes do I need?

Again, whatever sizes you normally use in disposables will be the sizes you choose in cloth. Everyone is different, so this will vary somewhat - experiment with a few different sizes and see what works best for you. Often a set of several day pads and a couple night pads will work very well. For light days or urinary incontinence, some people also like to use the panty liners as well.

How do I wash my pads?

Washing cloth pads is really very easy! Here are two methods that are generally used. The first method is very simple. Just fold your pads up after use (fold the ends in over each other, and then snap the wings shut over them to hold them neatly) and store them in a discreet container or bag of your choice until your wash day. Then simply un-snap them and wash them in the washing machine with your favorite laundry soap. (We like to use Organic Soap Nuts) Adding washing soda along with your detergent helps to boost the cleaning properties. It works best to run them on a presoak cycle or an extra long cycle to make sure they are nice and clean. Then you can dry them in the dryer or air dry them.

The second method is to rinse them out well in the bathroom sink after each use, and then store them in your container under the sink until you are ready to wash them. Then wash just like you would with the first method.

Yes, it's that easy to wash your pads!! Everyone has a little bit different washing method that works for them, so experiment and see what works the best for you. Please avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. Bleach will break down your pads faster over time and they won't last as long, and fabric softeners will only make your pads non-absorbent.

How long do cloth pads last?

When properly cared for, cloth pads will last many years - That is a long time! You could save a lot of money over time using cloth pads instead of disposable pads!