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Organic Soap Nuts


How many loads of laundry can I do with 5 soap berries? (soap nuts)
     Depending on the temperature of the water in which you wash your clothes, you can get anywhere from 3-7 loads out of 1/2 oz (about 5 soap nuts / berries). you will get more uses from cold or warm-water wash, and less uses with hot-water wash, as soap nuts release more saponin the hotter the water that you use. The soap nuts (soap berries) are no longer effective when they become thin, turn soft, mushy and very light tan or gray.

How long do soap nuts last?
     The dried soap nuts wil last until you use them all. They have an indefinite shelf life since they are simply the dried shell of a fruit. The 18x concentrated formula has a 2 year shelf life.

Can soap nuts be used in my high efficiency (HE) or front load washer?
     Yes. Because they are low sudsing they work very well in these washers. You may use 4 or 5 soap nuts in the wash bag or you can use 3 or 4 tablespoons of home-made soap nuts liquid in the detergent drawer. We also offer Extreme 18X, which is a highly- concentrated soap nuts solution. You will only need 1/2 teaspoon of this concentrate per load of laundry.

What happens if someone drinks the soapnut liquid or swallows a soap berry?
     Don't worry. Soap nuts are non-toxic unless you are a fish. Saponin has been used in highly-concentrated doses to kill fish. The saponin flows through the gills of the fish and enter directly into the blood stream. The only problem you may encounter is a possible stomach ache - your insides will receive a slight cleansing!

Are soap nuts safe for those with sensitive skin?
     Absolutely! Soap nuts are highly recommended for those with allergies or sensitive skin. They are 100% natural, free of synthetic chemicals and are hypoallergenic. Soap nuts are wonderful for use by those who are sensitive to the dyes, perfumes and chemicals used in most commercial detergents and cleansers. Most people who are irritated by such commercial products find soap nuts to be their ideal solution.

What other uses are there for Soap Nuts?
     Soap nuts are superb for not only laundry, but can replace many cleaning products in the average home. From dishes to fine silks, soap nuts provide a natural effective solution. Saponin, the active ingredient in soap nuts, is a highly effective alternative to many common yet toxic cleaning chemicals. This includes cleansers for household and personal hygiene. The known cleaning properties are wide and diverse. Being so gentle, saponins are even excellent for shampoos and many other personal care products. Finally there is a good cleanser that will not leave your hands rough, dry and scaly!

Are Soap Nuts good for pets?
     YES! Many people use soap nuts liquids for bathing their pets. The odor reducing properties of the soap nuts make for a remarkably effective pet shampoo.

Are soap nuts good for washing cloth diapers?
     Absolutely! Commercial detergents and soaps contain chemicals that build up in cloth diapers. Not only do these chemicals break down the fibers of the material causing it to loose absorbency, but can also be irritating to your baby's skin. In addition, soap nuts are very effective at removing odors!

I see very little suds when washing with soap nuts, are they cleaning my clothes?
     Yes. Suds should not be equated to cleaning power. We have been brainwashed to think this way through decades of marketing. The foaming you see with most detergents is because of the chemicals and fillers used. Soap nuts produce very little suds, but they are still working very effectively. Your clothes will come out of the wash clean and fresh.

Does it matter that some of the soap nuts are pieces instead of whole?
     No. In order to properly inspect and sort to ensure the quality of your soap nuts, all very small pieces are removed. The select grade of soap nuts we offer is composed of whole nut shells and large pieces. Since agitation is a catalyst in releasing the saponin, small pieces will work fine and possibly even release the saponin faster. Do not hesitate to break up the soap nuts into smaller pieces if desired, or be concerned if they are broken up while handling. Soap nuts can be even ground into fine powder.

Soap nuts have a vinegar-like scent. Will my laundry have this scent?
     Amazingly, the scent of the soap nuts does not transfer to your clothing! clothes come out of the wash smelling totally fresh and clean. There is not even a trace scent of the soap nut itself. A pure soap nuts liquid will also have an unpleasant scent but it will not transfer to your laundry either. Nor will it leave a scent after other cleaning uses. If you prefer a scent, you can simply add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to a damp wash cloth and drop it in the dryer. The scent of the oil will remain.

I use bleach in my whites. Are soap nuts a substitute for bleach?
     No. If you desire to bleach your whites, adding your bleach of choice will not affect the cleaning power of the soap nuts. If you are used to using bleach, you may want to try a load without it just to see if you will still need it. We sometimes use bleach, but many times we do not.

If the soap nuts stay in the wash through the rinse cycle, don't they keep releasing soap?
     No, not as long as you are using cold water in the rinse cycle. Soap nuts release very little saponin during the rinse cycle. This is why it is best to pre-soften soap nuts in warm water, use a cup of soap nuts liquid, or soap nuts powder if you want to wash in cold water.

Can you dry the soap nuts with the clothes?
     Yes you can. Throwing in the wash bag with the soapberries in it will not harm the clothes at all. Sometimes we can't find the bag in the clothes when we are putting them in the dryer so it will end up in with the clothes on accident. This does not hurt the soap nuts at all.

Do I use soap nuts in addition to my regular detergent?
     No, soap nuts do a great job of cleaning your laundry by themselves. They are a natural laundry detergent and alternative to detergents containing chemicals. Use of them with a chemical detergent would be negating their primary purpose and benefit.

Should I use a fabric softener or dryer sheets anymore?
     Normally there is no need, hence only if or when you feel the need. Soap nuts naturally soften your laundry and reduce static. We highly recommend using no additives at all. Due to certain combinations of fabrics and environmental conditions, sometimes additives may be desired, but the need will be dramatically reduced.

I'm allergic to nuts. Can I use soap nuts?
     Yes! Soap nuts are actually a dried fruit (not a nut) related to the lychee. Do not let nut allergies keep you from using soap nuts, soap nut powder, or soap nut liquid.

Is there anything that I should concern myself with in using Soap Nuts?
     As with a chemical cleanser, the only thing that we highly recommend is that soap nuts (in all forms) should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Soap nuts are not consumable and can be harmful if ingested. Given their date-like appearance in raw shell form, a bag of soap nuts could look like food to a child or pet. Given their absolutely horrible taste, it is quite unlikely that any child or even a pet would not literally gag at the taste, but we simply recommend using good judgment and common sense in the storage of them.